Founded in 1978, the Oregon Chimney Sweeps Association has long set the precedent for innovation, professionalism, and community among chimney and hearth professionals. The aim of OCSA is to provide representation, proven industry standards, brotherhood, and networking. We accomplish this through education, industry specific publications, and a yearly convention every May that brings the industry together on a regional platform. Educating new chimney sweeps using the current international building code and NPFA 211.

Whether you are a small business or a large operation, we are here to connect you to the resources and tools your business needs to thrive.

The OCSA provides a space for like-minded individuals to exchange best practices and ideas, while sharing in the trials and triumphs that are unique to the chimney and hearth profession. By joining the OCSA, you are welcomed into this brotherhood of passionate entrepreneurs, colleagues, and peers. Many of our members, in fact, have met lifelong friends. OCSA also delivers opportunities for you to give back to your local communities by volunteering your time and wisdom.

There’s no surprise that there is strength in numbers, and by growing our association we increase education and awareness to enrich the communities around us. We also work with key stakeholders in our industry such as the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association. Representation is important, so we send representatives to National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 211, 54, and 31 code councils.

You have already built a solid foundation; now let OCSA provide you with the tools to support your growth. To help you achieve both your business and personal goals, your company has access to members-only offers and discounts on business services, education, insurance, and more. You are kept up to date and informed on recent industry developments through our regularly updated blog. And due to our high ethical standards of our members, homeowners know your commitment to the association means excellent service.

Member Application:

Membership is open to anyone actively doing business as a chimney sweep or having an interest in the chimney and venting service or hearth products industries.

Annual dues for general membership are $100 per year.
Dues become payable on May 1st in conjunction with the annual May day conference.
Please fill out the form below, and mail your check to:

​Oregon Chimney Sweeps Assoc.
C/O Scott Hess
540 N. James St.
Silverton, OR 97381